Street Legal 254 Top 10 List Rules


Heads-Up, Sportsman Tree, for FWD/RWD/AWD street/daily driven sport/compact vehicles. Door cars and trucks only (no dragsters, altered, bikes, buggies). Must be a member of 254 Racing Facebook page. A 10 mile test ride may be required on any vehicles trailered to the track (moderator discretion). License, registration, insurance, state inspection and plates required to be current. No speed cap. ¼ mile only. Must tech appropriately according to IHRA Rules.

MODERATORS  Jack Thompson, Tammy Stevens, and David Rowe

QUICK REFERENCE ON EQUIPMENT (we will add to this for general info purposes if the same questions keep popping up on a certain topic)

08 and newer – 10.00 and slower (no roll bar until 9.99)

07 and older – 11.49 and faster will need 6 point roll bar

Verts 13.49 and faster need 6 point roll bar

Chutes needed at 150 mph trap

Helmet needed at 13.99

SFI Fire Jacket needed at 11.49

Long Pants – Which reach the ankle, a shirt with sleeves and closed toed shoes, (no sandals) are required by all racers in EVERY Class along with IHRA requirements for each class. Shorts are specifically forbidden.


LIST BASICS This is a Little River, drag strip only, 254 Racing Facebook page member only list. Street racing digs DO NOT figure into this list whatsoever.  Jack Thompson will manage the list ranking on the page, and will manage call outs etc at the track. We all have lives though so we may at times share responsibilities etc.

GETTING ON THE LIST/STAYING ON IT After initial establishment anyone can get on the list but must do so by calling out the next driver on the list (if you are already on the list, 1 spot above you, if you are not on the list then start at 10 and race your way up. Whoever is currently holding the 10 spot will become the gate keeper. All races will be heads up, 1 pass, no excuses. Winner wins, loser loses. Point blank.  If you are not on the list already, race the gate keeper and lose, you must wait a week minimum before you can try again. If you are on the list and lose a callout you can call the winner of your race back out and try again the same night. But, if the winner already called out the spot above, you will need to wait and call out the loser of that current race.  You may also call out the loser of the race before their race takes place. If you are already on the list and win, you can continue to call out and move up the list at that same event, but only as much as those called out allow. ALL callouts will be done PUBLICLY on the 254 Racing page in the comments section of the pinned post (please tag an admin) or at the drivers meeting that night of racing. Callouts for those not already on the list close Thursday at 9:00 pm every week. In the event we have multiple gatekeeper callouts on the same week, those cars wishing to race the gate keeper will first race each other to determine who is faster. Winner races the gate keeper. Loser can try again the next week. Those on the list can callout both before and at the track. Racing will take place on the 1st & 3rd Friday during open Test and Tune at Little River. If you are unable to, fail to, car is down etc etc you will be bumped off the list completely. In addition to that, NO LIST BLOCKING will occur. If you fail to make any race and are in the way of others who are present and wish to race, you will be moved down on the list until no list blocking will occur. In short you may lose 1 or 2 spots or you could lose 9 spots, the theme being it pays to show up! This is to ensure no list blocking occurs (not a big deal, when you are ready, make your way back up the list). If you call someone out and don’t show up your callout is no longer valid and you can be called out by listers below you potentially losing your spot and potentially dropping down as low as number 10. If you miss a race and a racer below you are there and ready to race you can be passed over if that racer chooses to do so.  Those that are on the list already will flip for lane choice, those trying to make the list, lane choice will go to the gate keeper. Priority for races will always go to listers first, then to those trying to make the list. Lister callouts will be prioritized by who was called out first. Jack Thompson, Tammy Stevens or David Rowe must witness the race for it to count. In the rare case this is not possible we will either assign someone to moderate the race or require clear video of the race.

BETS are a personal choice and not required for the list race to occur. Both parties must agree to the bet in front of a moderator before the race, cash must be in hand right then and there. Both parties will give up agreed upon amount to the moderator. Winner takes all. No double ups, do overs, non-sense or drama. No pinks (this isn’t fast and the furious).

CONDUCT Respect each other and the cars at all times. We completely understand that some smack talking is normal and that folks are passionate about racing but if you take it to a level that makes this unenjoyable for others, then action will be taken by either the track or the list moderators or both. In general your car and your driving can do most the talking. Let’s keep it enjoyable!

COMPLAINTS AND RULES We fully understand that this list may not be for everyone. That’s no problem. We have done and will do our best to make this fun and fair but the rules are rules, both for the track and for the list. Legitimate complaints and suggestions will be taken seriously but if the final verdict is “no” or “that’s not changing” then it’s that simple. Although we will put a lot of effort into making this right, don’t make this a headache for us and remember that just like you, we are human, have lives, careers etc etc. Have a little patience. Disrespect to moderators or other listers simply won’t be tolerated. In the event that cheating of any kind is identified by another list racer it will be brought to the attention of the moderators. If confirmed, the cheater will forfeit their spot AND pay the individual who identified the cheating $20. If it is found that no cheating occurred then the individual accused of cheating will pay whoever brought it up $20. Bottom line if you cheat you pay, if you falsely accuse you pay.

BODY Import or domestic compact car bodies allowed. Current tabs and registration required. Bumpers cannot be removed. Widebody 3 piece front ends allowed. No cutting allowed for weight reduction or wheel clearance purposes. All tail lights and head lights required. All stock factory equipped body, frame, and floor-pan (lightweight hood ok.) No back halved cars

CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION Full tube chassis prohibited. No center-drive systems. Wheelie bars are prohibited. Must have factory floorboards and firewall and a core support. All stock factory equipped body, frame, and floor-pan (lightweight hood ok.)

DRIVETRAIN AND TRANSMISSION FWD, AWD, or RWD allowed. Stock driveline configuration must remain. Straight axles prohibited. Any factory style engine and trans assembly (no lenco, liberty, jerico clutch-less trans, no jet, turbine, turbo shaft style engines).

TIME SLIPS No Time/Time Slips Cut in Half, so all vehicles ET and MPH are private to driver (and to track staff)

EXHAUST Functional Mufflers (turbo does not qualify as a muffler). Exhaust must exit behind driver’s seat location, catalytic converters not required.

STREET LEGAL all lights operational (hi and low head, tail, turn, stop, and license). Valid License plate (Dealer/Temp plates prohibited). All current, antique tags ok if vehicle qualifies. Valid Insurance Card. Valid State inspection sticker if required by license type (unless not required by that state). Bypassed or removed emissions systems okay

TIRES DOT tires only, all four, no slicks

POWER ADDERS Power Adder (nitrous, turbos, supercharger) or naturally aspirated.

INTERIOR Full interior, 2 front seats, except rear seat delete okay, all other interior as factory equipped. Stock Appearing Dash, aftermarket gauges okay, stock firewall, floor pan, and wheel wells. Lexan Windows Prohibited (front, rear, and sides). Doors must open and close from inside and outside the vehicle.

SUSPENSION Factory suspension mounts and locations (bolt-ons okay). No ladder bar, four link, coil overs unless they bolt in factory locations. Beefed up factory mounts are okay for strength.

ENGINE Engine swaps ok, engines in stock location All other IHRA tech rules apply.

These rules may be modified at any time for safety and fairness.


CONDUCT IN THE PITS  – Speed limit in the pits is 10 MPH. No AC AT ALL IF YOU ARE RACING, also no icing intake if condensation leaks onto track, vehicle will be removed from competition No vehicle testing of any type is allowed.

NO BURN-OUTS in the pits are allowed.

VALID DRIVERS LICENSES – and a minimum age of 16 is required to compete in all classes except Junior Dragster.

LONG PANTS – Which reach the ankle, a shirt with sleeves and closed toed shoes, (no sandals) are required by all racers in EVERY Class along with IHRA requirements for each class. Shorts are specifically forbidden.

SEAT BELTS – Are mandatory in all cars. Additional Driver Restraint systems may be required per IHRA Class Regulations (See Applicable Class Regulations)

TAILLIGHT – All vehicles in competition at any time the dragstrip’s nighttime lights are turned on is required to have at least one working taillight.

RACE VEHICLE BREAKAGE – In order to keep fluids off the racing surface, racers experiencing problems with their vehicle during any pass are requested to pull over to the edge of the racetrack and stop.

PASSENGERS – Passengers are not allowed in competition vehicles in any paired pass. Every passenger pass is done at the Track Starters discretion. Pre-race contact with Track Starter Mandatory.

NON STARTING VEHICLES – In the event a racer at the head of the staging lanes fails to start their vehicle when called, the racer will receive 60 seconds to crank as timed by the Track Starter while their competition is held in the water box. A competition single run for the waiting racer will be called by the Track Starter if the non-starting vehicle fails to crank within the allotted time.

COURTESY STAGING – Where both racers pre-stage FIRST before either competitor stages is required in ALL Classes. If a racer fully stages before their opponent pre-stages, the Track Starter will back that competitor out of the lights completely and start the staging process again. If the same competitor fully stages again before their opponent pre-stages a disqualification will be called by the Track Starter.

DEEP STAGING – Where a racer rolls far enough into the staging beams to turn out the pre-stage light is not allowed. The Track Starter will back both competitors out of the lights completely and start the staging process again. If the same competitor deep stages again a disqualification will be called by the Track Starter.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT IN DATE – All SFI mandated safety equipment must be up to date with current dates & numbers. Refer to IHRA Rule Book for specific equipment required.

CENTER LINE DISQUALIFICATION – The Track Starter will be in charge of any disqualifications caused by racer crossing the center line of the track. Any such calls must be made before the next pair stages.

FIRST OR WORST DISQUALIFICATION – In case of dual infractions of the common laws of drag racing during an elimination pass, what’s known as the “First or Worst” rule applies. In case of the same infraction such as a dual red light, the first will be called and the competitor that jump started second will remain in competition. Now if the right lane gets a red light but the left lane racer crossed over the center line which was a worse infraction the racer that had gotten the red light would have been declared the winner. Here is a list of worst in order. #1 Crossing the center line in front of or alongside of your opponent. #2 Red light. #3 Being found illegal. #4 Touching any boundary marker (center or outside). #5 Dropping any foreign matter in front of your opponent. #6 Any condition judged to be unsafe or unfair by event director.

RACER CONDUCT – DRIVERS CAUGHT DRINKING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR USING ILLEGAL DRUGS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, Fighting, Unsportsmanlike conduct, Profane language, Threatening a Track Official or any other aggressive behavior targeted at any Track Official, racer or spectator WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Expulsion from the facility and other disciplinary action at the discretion of the Track Management may result. Each driver is responsible for the actions of their crew members.

DISCLAIMER – The rules & regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing and to establish minimum acceptable safety requirements for such races. These rules shall govern the condition of all races and by participating in these races, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. These rules and or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES.